NTI CPD TAP Special: Special Administrations - And a Free Course

Posted on Mar 25, 2022. by NTI

At NTI we pride ourselves in offering 'the complete package' for all insolvency professionals. One way we are able to do this is by utilising our unique app to the greatest effect.

Today (Friday 25 March) we publish a webcast on our CPD TAP platform about 'special administration regimes'. A curious and not always well understood practice that operates outside mainstream insolvency legislation, now vital to sectors such as energy, investment banking and further education.

With the world around us taking on faces that are not always recognisable we insolvency professionals need to be even more ahead of the game; understanding options, being able to consider them in light of client and creditor challenges, and, especially if we are sitting the Joint Board's exams in November, keeping completely up-to-date with practical application on a sector-by-industry basis.

All of our CPI and JIEB students get free access to all CPD TAP webcasts. Now is the time to listen to or download the one about special administrations. If you do not have CPD TAP you can get instant access to it and we can offer you a free trial straight away (ah@nti.co.uk). Why not get all the CPD you need now (not in three months at a conference)?

At NTI we are also putting on completely free face-to-face update lectures for all of our JIEB re-takers, as an essential part of their Lifetime Pass Promise. We offer these to any who are re-taking this year ... whoever you are enrolled with. The first one is in May. Contact nt@nti.co.uk for full information.

You can then further take advantage of monthly webinars specific to the needs of re-takers.

BPart of Progress ... NTI.

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