NTI Launch a Partnership with IPS to Hail a New Era in Document Packs

Posted on Feb 04, 2021. by NTI

NTI And IPS Launch New Document Packs - Bill Burch Responds with a Long Email

Over the past 18 months NTI have invested more than £170,000 in designing, writing and producing a revolutionary set of document packs created to save firms time and money, and on Monday (1 February) launched a new partnership with IPS to bring them to the market.

In response Bill Burch of Compliance on Call spent what must have been an hour writing to his clients in a bizarre email lamenting this arrangement, which focuses only on doing - in the 21st century - what is right for the profession. Frankly, it was a little odd.

It was extraordinarily magnanimous of Bill to point out some of the many advantages of NTI's partnership with IPS. He said in his email: "... they have developed document packs that have much cleverer coding in them. They seem to come from a similar methodology to those in the VisionBlue/Insolv software, in that you open a document that has a lot of coding and depending on the case and other information in the case set-up and document selection, it narrows the document down to fit. This will save you the time in selecting whether it is a sole or joint appointment, which pack to use, which section to go to, etc. It will also save you from having to sift through the advice, prompts and case-specific points included in our documents. The argument is that the efficiency of such a system will make them better than ours."

Thanks Bill. That is, absolutely, part of our case which requests you to investigate the extraordinary benefits of our new packs. We would also point out that our documents are much more concise, practical and many are grouped in a 'common pack', saving the need to include those documents used in multiple proceedings from appearing more than once.

On the point of NTI's link-up with IPS, Bill says: "... we feel that it is our fault to some extent. We tried to get IPS interested in buying our packs, but we put an overly-ambitious price on them. We really cannot moan if they gave up on us and talked to someone else." Indeed; NTI's conversations with IPS have taken place over months, the two businesses discovering significant synergies and the sharing of values, and it is a relationship we have both worked very hard on. It is a relationship, Bill is right to point out, that will benefit the whole insolvency and restructuring community, not least since IPS are offering their ground-breaking cloud version of its service.

Bill closes his email to clients saying, "Finally, and probably most significantly, if you want to change now, we really don’t mind." This is enormously generous of him; but NTI don't want you to just choose our packs for convenience, we invite you to thoroughly investigate what we have to offer, ask the tough questions and do what is right for your business.

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