NTI: Who ARE We?

Posted on Dec 10, 2020. by NTI

What is going ON? There's a meeting tomorrow about schitzophrenia, and we've half a mind to go.

You change your website name and make it easier for people to contact you and suddenly the world goes mad. When we launched the nti.co.uk website last month we thought it would make it much easier for all of our clients and prospects to get in touch with us. It turns out, no.

Bookings for our 2021 CPI, CII and JIEB courses have been flooding in, but there's still a little Dutch boy with his finger in our dyke. We call him 'Von(g) Website' (work with us, here).

Some people know us as ntinsolvency.com, because that is who we were. But when they enter this into their search engines they get referred to our old website, with out-of-date dates and former image, and get all spooked by not being able to get in touch with us.


If you have any problems we can sort them all out on enquiries@nti.co.uk ... or go to nti.co.uk. And there we are in all our glory.

Apparently, we are not allowed to make any further schizophrenia jokes. At least, that's what we are telling ourselves.

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