OR Phone Numbers Changing: Now They Tell Us

Posted on Sep 04, 2020. by NTI

NOW they tell us. Aarati has been trying all morning to get through to the OR's office in Birkenhead (let's just say she has 'family business' there and leave it at that ...) and we have just found out that from 1 September telephone lines are back open for those needing to contact the Official Receivers or their staff about their case, but the numbers have changed.

Got a pen?

The new phone numbers have the prefix 0300 or 0303. So, you see, the Birkenhead number is now 0303 003 1738, not whatever it was before. There goes speed-dial 1 on the NTI newsroom's phone.

We now just have to find out which telephone kiosk Aarati is in. She'll be fuming.

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