Exams At Home: Your Mum’s Not Allowed In The Room

Posted on Jul 15, 2020. by NTI

“Whatever next?” shouted Tracee from across the newsroom, almost waking Billy who was opposite her wearing the headphones that make him look like a Cyberman from ‘The Tenth Planet’, the first series of Doctor Who.

“What on EARTH?” we cry in unison, but in a whispery sort of way, because we didn’t want to wake Neil who was having his nap in the NTI Zen room (a spiritual palace of velvet and mindfulness next door to the photocopier).

“The ICAEW have posted on their website that Certificate in Insolvency assessments can now be sat at home. They are being invigorated …”

“INVIGILATED”, we cry in unison.

“Whatever … INFISTULATED by Deliveroo.”

“Are you absolutely certain, Tracee? Deliveroo? Pass me that.”

It turns out that the ICAEW are well ahead of the game and are permitting their candidates to sit their CII assessments via remote invigilation. However, they are not being INVIGILATED by Deliveroo (the keyboard would get all sticky with hoisin sauce), but by OnVue, who continuously monitor each candidate offsite. Of course, those with a Hauwei phone will be very used to 24 hour personal surveillance, but what a bonus to sit your assessment in a place you know well, with only the distractions you are well-used to and just the sound of your beating heart. Well done, ICAEW.

This news comes just after the hot off the press NTI newsroom article on Monday that the IPA have gone all digital and are setting their CPI exam in November on hardware. The IPA? No, seriously. A computer and a keyboard? What on Earth would David Kerr say?

NTI have invested so much in the last two years in sorting the CBE for the Joint Board exams that we are as chuffed as a Labrador whose Dad just accidentally dropped a lamb shank on the floor beside his bowl. In October we are running our JIEB mock exams in the actual Kaplan rooms in which students will be sitting the main event two weeks later in November and are all over this technology, thanks to Billy … if we can wake him.

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