Shocking News - We Were Right

Posted on Mar 01, 2021. by NTI

In January, the NTI newsroom broke the news that there would be new JIEB software in 2021 ... 

... then last Tuesday we were first again, with a tutorial video demonstrating how the new ACA software works and how it is to be used by JIEB candidates. 

Imagine our shock when the NTI newsroom received confirmation from the ICAEW and the Joint Board today that the JIEB exams will be on the new software and they will be placing a link on their website.

Our students have been practicing for a week and the initial feedback we have received is all positive. It is far less clunky than the previous software and is easy to use for both typed and numbers' questions. 

JIEB students can access the tutorial video on the NTI website and app and we will train our students assiduously throughout the study year in face-to-face lectures and online. 

Aside from our gloating about the software there is some other news to report from the JIEB.

JIEB Syllabus 2021

There are some amendments to the JIEB syllabus and the full syllabus can be found below.

JIEB Syllabus 2021 

The key change is that Schemes of Arrangement will now be on the syllabus. We have reviewed the document and we are, of course, delighted to confirm that across our smorgasbord of face-to-face and online content we have covered every inch of the syllabus. The only thing we have not covered is the IP's requirement to report to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), but we don't have the heart to tell the JIEB that SOCA was dissolved in 2013 and replaced by the National Crime Agency (NCA) ... oops! 

JIEB Tutor Conference

NTI, and the other tutors have been sent our annual invite to meet with the board and this year it will be on the 18th May. We are excited to note that it is now called a Tutor Conference and not a Tutor Meeting. We can only assume that this means there will be sandwiches. If you have any questions you would like us to raise with the Board then please let us know. 

2020 Exam Results

The JIEB have confirmed that the results will be out this Friday at 12pm. The very best of luck to all students around the country. Let us know how you got on. 


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