Technical Alert From R3 ... As Thunderbird 2 Is Despatched

Posted on Sep 14, 2020. by NTI

Do you remember in the 1990s when all of us who were entranced by total beauty would look heavenwards at about 4.25pm each day to the London skies and see Concorde roar in from New York on its way to Heathrow? Neil is sure he saw the pilot waggle the speedbird's wings on a couple of occasions to acknowledge the drop-jawed salute of Brits on the streets below (although that could have just been clear air turbulence).

Our point is that you may see Thunderbird 2 overhead this evening responding to an R3 'Technical Alert', stating that after some issues its members have experienced over the past days with Companies House they are pleased (nay, delighted) the service "listened to our members' concerns" and have extended the email submission service by two weeks. (Phew.) The email submission service will now be decommissioned on 25 September 2020. R3 said (rather sternly, as if all of that listening to their members' concerns had absolutely knackered them) they do not expect this service to be extended again. (Right?)

Warned off a little by this sternness Companies House requested, rather more respectfully, that Insolvency Practitioners do not submit the same documents in both the upload and email services. This results in duplication of work and contributes to processing delays.

One more thing, if you are experiencing issues with the size of documents being uploaded (oo-er missus), them being more than 4mb, Companies House have been informed that the size limit was 10mb and are investigating this. What are you people sending to Companies House? You understand what 'uploading files' means, don't you? Stop sending them comedy files of your holiday pics.

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