The Insolvency Service And COVID-19 - RPS Helplines Shut

Posted on Mar 25, 2020. by NTI

As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Insolvency Service have reported that they have closed their offices and their staff are working from home.

Redundancy Payments Service (RPS)

The RPS helpline is closed, and is not operated remotely. They have provided an online redundancy guide HERE, or they can be contacted via email at

Insolvency Enquiry Line

The Insolvency Enquiry line is also closed.

If you need to contact an Official Receiver, you are requested to email the office that is managing your case. Email addresses for each office can be found HERE

If you need to ask the Insolvency Enquiry Line ask about processes administered or regulated by the Insolvency Service (e.g. Bankruptcies, Debt Relief Orders and Liquidations) you can use their Online Form to submit your enquiry and they will respond to you. Any questions about a Debt Relief Order should be sent by email:

They have also said that they will not be able to process any physical mail sent to them whilst their offices are closed.

Further guidance can be found HERE, and specialist teams in the RPS and Long Term Assets Distribution Teams can be contacted HERE

Electronic Payment Process

Their electronic payment process for IPs has also changed due to the pandemic. With immediate effect, requisitions will be accepted by email. 

The new payment process is as follows:-

The insolvency Practitioner or agreed requisition submitter will send a signed requisition by email to
The subject header of the email should read ‘IP Requisitions’ to ensure it is identified as a payment request and processed without delay.
Each requisition must be sent on a separate email.

The signature on the requisition will be checked against the signature that is held on our database and they will be validating that the requisition has been received from the Insolvency Practitioner’s email address that they have on record. 
Should you wish to nominate others within your firm to submit requisitions on your behalf, they need an email from you and from the email address they have on their records to authorise them as requisition submitters.

Please note that the agency will only accept requisitions sent from an email account that has been authorised by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. It remains your responsibility to ensure access to this account remains secure and is not used by unauthorised parties. The agency can accept no liability if requisition emails are submitted from this account by persons who are not the authorised email account holder.
For data protection you may wish to ensure that any requisitions are encrypted and/or password protected.  

With the banking standard two-day BACS processing window, their current end-to-end process is four working days. However, it is likely the new process and additional controls, processing time will increase slightly to up to six working days.

Furthermore, they continue to review their procedures in line with government guidance and, should they reach a point whereby they can no longer access our building, they will be unable to continue to print cheques or receive physical post. They will, however, be able to continue processing BACS payments remotely and receive communication by email. They therefore ask that you consider using BACS payments where possible and direct all queries and correspondence to

This is the first time they have been able to accept electronic requisitions, but with the current challenging times, they intend to provide a payment service to customers with minimal disruption. They therefore ask for your patience as the process is rolled out.

If you have already submitted a requisition to them by post, please do not resubmit this electronically.


Acceptance Of Electronic IVA Registration Fees

As part of their business continuity planning, the Insolvency Service have reviewed the IVA registration fee process. With immediate effect, IVA registration fees will be accepted by BACS. This will support the wellbeing of both customers and staff, and support flexible working arrangements in line with the latest government guidance.

The new registration fee process is as follows: -

Insolvency Practitioner firm to send an email to the inbox. The email needs to include the following;
The subject header of the e-mail should read ‘IVA BACS Payment’
Spreadsheet with all the cases should be attached.
Details of the amount you will be sending and when the funds will be transferred to our account.
Insolvency Practitioner firm pays IVA Registration fees to account via electronic method, this includes faster payment, BACS and CHAPS.

Sort code: 60-70-80

Account number: 10002405

Account Name: INSS Vote

Reference: IVA followed by the Supervisors surname i.e ‘IVA Smith’

Please ensure that you provide a reference when remitting funds via BACS. Failure to do so will cause delays.

Where possible please ensure the funds you remit equates to the number of IVA’s you intend to register. Refunds of overpayment will not be deemed a priority and there may be delays in returning funds.

This is the first time they have been able to accept IVA registration fees via an electronic method, but with current challenging times, they intend to provide a service to  customers with minimal disruption. They therefore ask for your patience as the process is rolled out.

Further information can be obtained from the Customer Services team at

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