Tiny But A Huge Impact

Posted on Nov 11, 2020. by NTI

We are back in the NTI newsroom. There has been a glitch over the past couple of days and an interruption to your normal daily news and views service; but we are back stronger, more focused and even more opinionated that ever.

The question that so many men have not asked themselves over thousands of decades (due to a total lack of self-awareness and an uncomfortable level of self-absorption) is, ‘how can something so tiny and insubstantial have such an affect on normal daily life?’ But it has been on everyone’s newsfeeds for just two days now, with potential world-changing potential, so let’s face it. That’s right, the new NTI website has been launched and has now gone live.

With thanks to the hundreds of scientists and technicians who have toiled over screens and jotted musings for months, we can now share our joy. Of course, it is still early days and the gun lies before us and unhurdled, but we have confidence that this heralds a new beginning in peerless training and service for the restructuring and insolvency sector for years to come.

Catch us at nti.co.uk 

Talking of tiny things, science tells us that each SARS-CoV-2 virion is approximately 50–200 nanometres in diameter. We have been so busy getting accustomed to thinking in billions and even trillions over the past 10 months or so that adjusting our perspective to the other end of the scale is going to take some getting used to. However, we are given to think that a nanometre is about the size of a small child. But we will need to check. 

By comparison, the Ad5-vectored Covid-19 vaccine at 5 × 10(10) viral particles is bigger, as it comes in a little jar with a blue lid, which we have seen tumbling around herding machinery at Pfizer’s manufacturing plant on the news. In short, it is bigger. Therefore, we in the NTI newsroom think it will win. 

A new life, a new normal and a new website. Life couldn’t be sweeter.

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