Wilko Unlikely To Be Saved

Posted on Aug 24, 2023. by NTI

PwC, the Administrator of Wilko, has reported that there is “no prospect that the majority of the business will be saved” after “extensive” discussions with interested parties had revealed that there is not likely to be an overall buyer for the group.

The GMB union has been informed that there is now the prospect of significant job losses from its workforce of around 12,500, as a break-up of Wilko’s 400 stores now appears the most likely outcome.

PwC have said “We know this will further add to the uncertainty felt by workers. We will be supporting staff through this deeply unsettling time, working closely with the government, JobCentre plus, unions and large employers to maximise possibilities for a rapid return to work for employees in the event of redundancies.”

“In the immediate term, all stores remain open, continue to trade and staff continue to be paid.”, the PwC spokesperson added.

Pepco Group, owner of Neil’s second-favourite discount chain, Poundland, is apparently in discussions with Messrs Price, Waterhouse and Cooper to acquire around 100 stores, and Wilko’s bitter rival B&M could take between 40 to 50 stores.

GMB national secretary Andy Prendergast (who is presumably dead good at shorthand) said “GMB Union will continue to support members through this process and will fight to ensure members are consulted as per the law and that you receive every penny you are entitled to”.

Watch this space on that one…

Mr Prendergast also added “GMB will not forget the incompetence that has led to this collapse and will we not forget the dividends paid to the millionaires who gambled your jobs on their whims.”
In other news from our resident Wilko correspondent, Aldi has urged Wilko staff to apply for over 6,000 jobs that it currently has available.

Aldi is booming and is on a recruitment drive for its new stores, as well as recruiting for a large volume of other store roles across the country to support its continued expansion.

Aldi hopes to offer these long-term retail roles to those who may lose their jobs as a result of the Wilko Administration, with a range of roles available from store assistant to store manager.

Candidates must presumably be able to scan items at the speed of light and be able to memorise the barcode for a left-handed garden strimmer with integrated scented tealight holder found in its ‘weird stuff no-one really wants’ section akin to the ‘middle of Lidl’.

Aldi UK recruitment director Kelly Stokes said: “We continue to welcome more and more customers to Aldi stores every week, and we are working hard to meet the huge demand for our unbeatable prices.”

Billy was spotted by Neil in the newsroom this week trying to remember the PLU codes for various fruit and veg on his break, after he heard a vicious rumour that his days could be numbered…

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