NTI Insolvency Training APP

Our Exclusive NTI App is Available Now

The NTI App: Innovation as Standard

In 2020 NTI launched the first app for insolvency training and support in the UK.

For professional exam training our students and clients alike find it invaluable for accessing materials, tests, mock exams and essential updates on the go.

We are the only CPD provider who enable users to keep completely up-to-date at the tap of a screen with CPD TAP. Anyone in our glorious profession can access news, views, opinions and updates seven days a week free of charge from the NTI newsroom.

NTI Live, our weekly podcast, can also be accessed via the app.


Push Notifications

No-one need think about how they can keep thoroughly up-to-date in a fast-moving profession. The NTI app will tell them everything they need to know with push notifications.

We quite literally provide all our students and clients with everything they need at their fingertips.

Training Materials

If you study for any insolvency or restructuring qualification with NTI you can opt to have all of your materials via the NTI app.

This means you can study, access questions, look at tests and exercises and make summaries and notes on the go. Wherever you are.



CPD TAP is NTI's unique webcast subscription product, delivering to your phone, tablet and laptop all the updates you will ever need, as they happen.

You can access at least five to six webcasts each month (for an average cost of £7 per webcast). Over the course of a year you will have access to more than 25 hours of CPD, meeting all of your RPB requirements.

CPD TAP subscribers have access, via the NTI app, to all new webcasts, plus more than 120 historic webcasts by clicking the CPD TAP tab.

All webcasts can be downloaded and then viewed offline at a later date, at your total convenience.


Introduction to Insolvency Qualification (ITIQ)

Subscribers to the Introduction to Insolvency webcasts, materials and questions will also be able to view these on the ITIQ tab. The NTI Insolvency Qualification consists of 25 webcasts, each supported by materials and tests and a final examination at the end of the process.

The ITIQ webcasts cover everything a person needs to know about all procedures and practices. Studying for this qualification is a great way to track progress, understanding and commitment of employees and will form an important part of the early appraisal process for a new starter.

Introduction to Insolvency (ITIQ)

Safe and Secure

Your usernames and passwords will be the same as those you use to access webcasts from the members' area on our website.

All passwords and email addresses are securely protected, with optional fingerprint recognition software to login.

Watch this space for news of how the app is going to revolutionise exam training for our students...


Download the NTI App

You can download the app directly from one of the sources below.