The Compendium

A Comprehensive Companion for All in the Insolvency and Restructuring Profession

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Acronyms, Vocabulary and Phrases for Insolvency Professionals

The insolvency and restructuring profession is an incredible one. Where else could you enjoy active service running three pubs one month, advise the directors of an international logistics company the next and then, two months later, be part of a team trading an aircraft parts and distribution company?

No other profession gives you the ‘on-the-leading-edge’ experience in so many different types of businesses. None other gives you the opportunity to do so much good in rescuing companies, saving jobs, dealing with the stress of individual debtors who are on the edge and truly making a difference.

Of course it has, as you would expect, its own language and vocabulary. Insolvency professionals often speak in a verbal shorthand that leaves others mystified. From SIPs to subrogation, to MaPS to MVLs. No wonder you can feel lost.

NTI have produced this definitive guide to the language, vocabulary and phrases of our great profession.

You can word-search anything on the NTI app, or search alphabetically, using the hard copy version. Either way, let us be your guide in building and underpinning the vocabulary that will enable you to be competent and confident in the greatest profession of them all.