Compliance Services

No Nonsense, Practical Compliance Visits and Support Services

A Refreshing View on Compliance

After two years of asking, researching, designing, testing and changing NTI bring our innate sense of innovation to our Technical Services.

NTI have three full time, fully qualified and experienced Insolvency Practitioners whose job it is to keep up to date with new legislation, case law and best practice guidelines in order to train Insolvency Practitioners and provide the full scope of our CPD services.

Why wouldn't you want the world's leading Insolvency Training business to take care of all your compliance needs? We are dynamic and pragmatic, and have a fully-qualified technical team who have been in practice and understand the needs of busy professionals who must keep compliant, and need to be efficient in everything they do.

We do not offer different levels of service to our clients; all our clients receive the same diligent and personal attention no matter how much you pay. We are there to support you.

Our Compliance Services Include:

We also offer a helpline (and email) service. We provide support for those practices with or without a compliance team.

NTI will provide assistance with general queries, technical matters and second opinions via phone or email.

The Cost

No. IPs  Doc Packs
(annual updates)
Technical helpline
(annual subscription)
Compliance visits with full report Total annual renewal price Discount package price Report reviews
1-3 £1,250 £1,250 2 days at £1,850 £6,200 £5,750
4-10 £1,875 £1,875 4 days at £1,850 £9,900 £9,250
11 + £2,500 £2,500 6+ days at £1,859 £13,500+ £12,500+
Fixed price £1,850 per day £100-£200

The Team

Jamie Cochrane

Head Of Technical and Lecturer

Jamie joined the NTI team in summer 2023, having been trained successfully by all NTI lecturers and keenly sought a role within the business. He is an Insolvency Practitioner, a great technician and someone who interacts naturally with those around him. He is an Insolvency Practitioner who adorns the business and 'gets' our mission and message. Jamie is head of the NTI Technical Department.

If you require any assistance with inspections or would like to discuss a more detailed package, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

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