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No Nonsense, Practical Compliance Visits and Support Services

A Refreshing View on Compliance

After two years of asking, researching, designing, testing and changing NTI bring our innate sense of innovation to our Technical Services.

NTI have three full time, fully qualified and experienced Insolvency Practitioners whose job it is to keep up to date with new legislation, case law and best practice guidelines in order to train Insolvency Practitioners and provide the full scope of our CPD services.

Why wouldn't you want the world's leading Insolvency Training business to take care of all your compliance needs? We are dynamic and pragmatic, and have a fully-qualified technical team who have been in practice and understand the needs of busy professionals who must keep compliant, and need to be efficient in everything they do.

We do not offer different levels of service to our clients; all our clients receive the same diligent and personal attention no matter how much you pay. We are there to support you.

Our Compliance Services Include:

We also offer a helpline (and email) service. We provide support for those practices with or without a compliance team.

NTI will provide assistance with general queries, technical matters and second opinions via phone or email.

The Cost

No. IPs  Doc Packs
(annual updates)
Technical helpline
(annual subscription)
Compliance visits with full report Total annual renewal price Discount package price Report reviews
1-3 £1,250 £1,250 2 days at £1,850 £6,200 £5,750
4-10 £1,875 £1,875 4 days at £1,850 £9,900 £9,250
11 + £2,500 £2,500 6+ days at £1,859 £13,500+ £12,500+
Fixed price £1,850 per day £100-£200

The Team

Richard Bloomfield

Richard is a director of NTI who heads up the NTI CPD department and lectures for both the CPI and JIEB exams. He is both CPI and JIEB qualified and has over 15 years insolvency experience. He has a passion and commitment to re-design the continuing professional development of the insolvency profession, by making CPD far more informative and accessible. He created CPD Tap, a product that provides IPs with on the spot CPD updates on their phones and computers.

Richard has a wide experience in all types of insolvency, and a gift for getting information across to both the willing and the unwilling in a positive, creative and highly practical way.

Richard’s passion and professionalism are two of the main reasons our courses are so innovative and great to attend.He is a key member of the award winning NTI team and is a founding member of our brilliant group of professional trainers.

Andy Deere

Andy joined the team at NTI in 2018, having spent over 12 years in insolvency practice. Whilst in practice, Andy worked predominantly at a boutique insolvency firm in Birmingham, but also spent a number of years at ‘Top-10’ and sole-practitioner firms.

Andy is both CPI and JIEB qualified, having experienced NTI’s training first-hand, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with students in an inspiring and engaging way in his role as a full-time lecturer and trainer. He has a broad experience of both corporate and personal insolvency.

Andy has a particular expertise in personal insolvency and leads NTI's NTIQ qualificaiton. He has delivered bespoke courses to IVA businesses, as well as designing courses and training solutions for corporate businesses.

Michelle Mills

Michelle started her insolvency career in 2006 at a top 20 accountancy firm. Passing the CPI in 2009, personal JIEB exam in 2011 and the corporate papers in 2011 (self-studied), Michelle became a licensed insolvency practitioner in 2013.

Michelle initially focused on investigations and antecedent transactions before moving into mainstream insolvency matters, eventually becoming an appointment taking IP in 2017, she has always had an interest in the technical side of the job, being a member of the small practitioners technical group, lecturing on the 2016 rule changes as well as lecturing on the R3 introduction to insolvency courses for 4 years.

Michelle brings practical and technical experience to the team, wading through the compliance waffle to give clients the answers they need to enable them to do their job.

If you require any assistance with inspections or would like to discuss a more detailed package, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

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