Document Packs

Redeveloped for the Modern Insolvency Firm

Client Feedback

The checklists are excellent – and the drop-down boxes expanding the checklists are great, cuts down on printing etc and parts we don’t need – and the document references make it very easy to navigate. The Money Laundering / Ethics and Bribery checklists are easy to use, and seem less complicated than the ones we had previously. The coding on the packs is excellent.

Steven Glanvill, CBA Business Solutions

Who We Work With

NTI is proudly working in partnership with Turnkey IPS. Together we have not only produced the best document packs on the market, but future proofed our documents to be fully compatible with IPS Cloud.

NTI is working in partnership with Postworks to produce the best document packs on the market.

Postworks Special Offer

NTI proudly works with RMCSC who provides additional support for, and complementary services to, our money laundering training and compliance services.

Comparison With Other Pack Providers

NTI Compliance on Call Compliance Alliance
Joint/Sole IP coding
His/Her/Their IP coding
Common parts documents
On site set up and support
Tested on IPS
Fully formatted
Can easily change font to your House Style


Custom Coding

Once you have discovered how much information is contained within the documents, you may want some more specific document coding.

You may want your documents to be coded in a way that specifically matches your business requirements. Ask us; we can do anything you want.


NTI have developed a fair and simple pricing structure that relates directly to the number of IPs within your practice.

No. IPs Individual doc packs All doc packs
All doc Packs
(annual updates)
1-3 £1,250 £4,995 £1,250
4-10 £1,875 £7,495 £1,875
11-19 £2,500 £9,995 £2,500
20+ Please call for a bespoke quotation.

Please see our compliance page for details of NTI's full annual package price, including compliance visits and our fully flexible technical helpline.

A discount will be added to the individual document pack price if you purchase more than one. Get in touch with us for a quote based on your needs.

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Document Pack Contents

Case Document Packs Common Parts Document Packs
Administration Assets
Company Voluntary Arrangement Investigations
Moratorium General (AML, Ethics, GDPR, Reviews etc)
Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation Employees
Compulsory Liquidation Distributions
Members' Voluntary Liquidation Pensions
Bankruptcy Disclaimer
Individual Voluntary Arrangement Decision Procedures
Document Pack FAQs

Each common parts section is coded to work with every (relevant) case type.

If you are purchasing individual case document packs, you will receive the common parts document packs.

A full list of documents available in each pack will be available shortly.

Michelle's Statement

I have worked in insolvency for 15 years and like 99% of Insolvency Practitioners, I worked my way up from junior administrator. I have seen how inefficient documents can affect every staff member, from those preparing the documents to those checking and signing them. I am lucky enough to have worked with someone who understood the capabilities of IPS and how underutilised it was in terms of creating documents efficiently and correctly. Before joining NTI, I wished for a document pack that wasn’t bulky or frustrating, something that used all the information IPS already had, instead of repetitively typing the same things over and over again.

At NTI, this is what I have aimed to create, documents that are so easy to use, that you don’t really need to triple check for spelling errors or erroneous wording or formatting issues, documents that are accurate as they are using the information already on the system, documents that are bespoke as they are able to use the information in IPS to insert the right wording into letters and reports. What we have created is a set of documents that is unique, practical and exactly what you need to make your staff more efficient when dealing with the more mundane parts of the job, so they can get on with running their cases. We are the only document provider that has an IPS licence and have fully tested the document coding. We are also an IPS partner and are working in conjunction with IPS to ensure that document updates are not time consuming and cumbersome.

The NTI documents have been created because I wanted something to help me in when I was practice, as I know first-hand the frustrations IPs have. In turn, you get to benefit from game changing documents created specifically with the end user in mind.

Kind regards
Michelle Mills, Head of NTI Technical