Personal Insolvency Practical Qualifications

Accredited Qualifications

The three PIP (Personal Insolvency Practical) Qualifications are the best way to ensure team members working within the debt advice and financial assistance sectors gain great technical and practical knowledge, and achieve an accredited and externally recognised qualification.

The Requirements For Training

The Insolvency Service recently stipulated that regulatory bodies must not only increase their visits to High Volume IVA providers, but make them much more rigorous, which will include 'continuous monitoring' of such businesses.

Wyman Report January 2018 - Recommendation 16

All authorised debt advisers should have a debt advice qualification before they can offer debt advice unassisted, and should be required each year to undergo proportionate continuing professional development that includes updating for changes in law and reviewing the latest evidence of effective practice. The requirement for, and syllabus of, the debt advice qualification, and the requirement for continuing professional development, should be set out by the FCA. There should be a phased transition for existing advisers, where they have a window of three years to obtain an approved qualification to enable them to continue to work in the sector.

Webcast Based Training

The training that NTI provides is of the highest quality and consists of a number of structured webcasts, to ensure that although study can be done remotely, it can be monitored and approved.

The Training Consists Of:

Face-to-Face Training Option

Please contact us if you want to add in face-to-face lectures to your training programme. All of NTI’s training is carried out at your premises (or nearby, if you do not have the requisite facilities), reducing cost and increasing direct relevance to your day-to-day working practices.

Candidates can go from course introduction to fully PIP 1 qualified in eight to ten weeks, but the training can be designed to last longer if this works better for your business.


NTI supply all materials, exercises, case studies and tests and these form not just the backbone to the notes and summaries a PIP student will build over the course of their studies, but also a very useful reference manual for how to conduct their role at work.

No additional reading or research is required to gather a full understanding of the materials.

The Cost

£525 (ex VAT) per person, per PIP

Exam entry - £410 (ex VAT) paid to the examiner

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Technical and Interpersonal

The PIPs uniquely cover not just the requisite technical information essential to a full understanding of the subject, but also the relevant personal and interpersonal skills required to deal with a role that can often be challenging.

The NTIQ range of bespoke PIP courses have been designed and presented with the key objective of informing, inspiring and empowering members of your teams, offering an unrivalled opportunity to both technically and practically develop them. The design, course delivery, support and ultimate testing are entirely relevant, bespoke and practically aimed at the needs of your business and its key players, your colleagues of all levels.

Study Time

Each of the PIPs are designed to be studied over a period of approximately eight to ten weeks and it is recommended that a student spends at least a week to ten days between each webcast assimilating the materials and making notes and summaries.

The Exams

There are two exams, both of which must be passed. The exams can be sat remotely and are each of two hours duration.

Each of Exams One and Two consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, worth two marks each and two 30 mark case study-based questions.

The pass mark for each exam is 60%.