Entry Level (Up to Eighteen Months in the Role)


PIP 1 is designed for ‘entry level’ members of the team (0 - 18 months in the role), mixing essential information about different types of debt management solutions (both ‘formal’ and ‘informal’), mortgages, tax returns, benefits, property ownership, banking, basic accounts, vulnerable people, etc ...

... with essential interpersonal skills, such as key communication skills, telephone manner, types of questions, listening and conversation management. Positive, useful, practical skills.

During the five webcast sessions, and follow-up exercises, we also introduce delegates to key personal insolvency and debt management information. To place this qualification into a training context, this qualification would be ‘pre-CPI/CPPI’ and useful for new starters and those with little, if any, experience of the communication with, and handling of, individuals with personal debt.

“The PIP 1 qualification was ideal for our team of customer facing team members who needed to know both the key aspects of the different solutions available ... as well as how to handle themselves on the phone in the face of complex conversations. It was also terrific for their confidence.”

Course Structure

The Cost

£525 (ex VAT) per person, per PIP

Exam entry - £410 (ex VAT) paid to the examiner

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