NTI Packages

The list of packages are as follows:

The total package

Package #1 The Total Package

NTI’s biggest and most comprehensive package, combining our unique and award-winning CPD and Technical Support

Package #2 The Total Technical Support Package

NTI have a three strong, all-IP technical team. We are fully focused on delivering the most up-to-date documents, full-access technical support online or on-phone… And the best, most constructive compliance reviews in the business.

The Technical Support Package

Package #3 The NTI Technical Support Package

NTI’s technical support package is ideal for the firm who already have document packs from another supplier and is not yet in a place where they want to make a change. However, friendly, accessible, positive technical support with constructive compliance reviews and a full-access technical helpline would really benefit both your staff and your business.

Package #4 Total CPD Package

NTI’s complete CPD package ensures your staff are always completely up-to-date, providing all of their required annual CPD, for an unbelievably low cost. This CPD Package gives you and your colleagues total access to all of our CPD offerings, providing much more than each person’s required 25 hours of annual development; both online and face-to-face.

Package #5 CPD and Technical Support Package

NTI’s CPD Tap is the only update service in our sector which is delivered, as changes happen, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our unique app-based service is fully flexible and completely accessible. The CPD and Technical support package also includes our matcheless Technical Helpline; online or on-phone, we can help with every aspect of your business – saving you time and money.