The Total CPD Package

Isn’t £240 per person still pretty expensive? You’re kidding…

The IPA Conference (7 hours CPD) is £275 for a member and £395 for a non-member. The R3 conference (14 hours CPD) costs £960 for a full member, if you take advantage of their “early bird” rates, and excludes accommodation (it is £1,200 otherwise). And these prices excludes travel and losing days out of the office .

The average cost of CPD in our sector is just shy of £600 per person per year. NTI’s complete CPD Package delivers everything each member of your team needs NOW, not in three months time at a conference…. And we can deliver it all in-house, or on a discrete section on our unique app. Minimal time wasted out of the office and hardly any travel costs.

In addition, NTI’s CPD TAP delivers updates as they happen. Comprehensive and completely relevant to our sector. Training at your office or on the NTI app offers you the flexibility to keep people fully up-to-date.

Just £240 per person per year.

The cost below is based on a 1-3 IP firm (ask us to quote the best possible price for your bespoke package for your business).

The Cost

CPD TAP on-app update service (all of your CPD on your phone, etc.) £995
A bespoke in-house CPD training/update day (on all topics you need) £1,850
Usual Total Cost £2,805
PACKAGE #4 £2,400