The Total Package

Why would I take the NTI ‘Total Package’?

Because you may have existing, long-winded, non-IPS-coded document packs and feel stuck with them; their size, cumbersome wording and out-of-date styling … But you’ve paid for them.

With the NTI total package, you get all of our practical, fully-coded, flexible document packs (just 800 documents in all!) FREE OF CHARGE . We then come to your offices, use all of our training skills and positive, inclusive style to give you the best compliance reviews you have ever experienced. We back this with our all-access technical helpline, a bespoke in-house CPD training course (or you can receive this on our unique app in a section exclusively available to you)…

That’s why!

The Unbeatable cost of The Total Package is based on a 1-3 IP firm (ask us to quote the best possible price for your bespoke package for your business)

The Cost

Full suite of NTI document packs (fully IPS-coded with checklists) £4,995
Document pack updates (automatically coded to slip into the packs) £1,250
Two day in-house compliance review (constructive and fully supportive) £3,700
Full access to our technical helpline (12 months) £1,250
A bespoke in-house CPD training/update day (on all topics you need) £1,850
CPD TAP on-app update service (all of your CPD on your phone, etc.) £995
Usual Total Cost £14,000
PACKAGE #1 £7,000