Total Technical Support Package

Why would I take the NTI ‘Total Technical Support Package’?

We at NTI are renowned for our energetic, inclusive style of training and support. Our compliance reviews are constructive, positive and aimed only at celebrating success, whilst training staff members to be the best they can be.

There is no dour, checklist-based, point-scoring compliance reviews with us. With Package #2 you receive our fully-IPS coded, amazingly easy-to-use document packs absolutely free, with the best, instantly available IPS-coded updates in the business. You also get full access to our technical helpline, to answer your questions and reassure you at all times

Don’t your colleagues deserve the best?

The hugely discounted cost for The Total Technical Support Package is based on a 1-3 IP firm (ask us to quote the best possible price for your bespoke package for your business).

The Cost

Full suite of NTI document packs (fully IPS-coded with checklists) £4,995
Document pack updates (automatically coded to slip into the packs) £1,250
Two day in-house compliance review (constructive and fully supportive) £1,850
Full access to our technical helpline (12 months) £1,250
Usual Total Cost £9,345
PACKAGE #2 £5,000