Auf Wiedersehen 12.1% GDP

Posted on Jul 31, 2020. by NTI

Are we getting inured to eye-watering headlines? Is this another symptom of Covid-19, we lose our sense of taste and our ability to be shocked by a news headline? 'Elvis Presley Announces His Presidential Bid', 'Isle of Man Wins FIFA World Cup', 'Eurozone Economy Shrinks By Record 12.1% in Three Months'. Only one of those is factual, but all are as preposterous. Well, it's true, the Eurozone has shrunk to such an extent that Poland is now part of Germany, Luxembourg is the same size as Shrewsbury and the Seine is a water-feature. (Billy reckons I couldn't get away with one part of that last sentence, but I think I can. Let's see.)

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