Bank Statement Analysis Software

“Be Compliant – Save Money”

Sensational and Groundbreaking New Bank Statement Analysis Software

This software instantly automates and analyses bank statements, extracting raw data at extraordinary speeds, converting them into an immediately searchable Excel format.

It is specifically designed to make money for users, by finding claims that will lead to enhanced fees at low cost, instantly gathering all vital information need for SIP 2 and Director Conduct Reporting Service (DCRS), automatically profiling information in tabs a practitioner can copy and paste, saving money and enabling top level compliance a user can exhibit to Regulators.

“Be Compliant - Save Money”

Investigations at the Touch of a Button

This Bank Statement Analysis Software effortlessly integrates with SIP 2, the standard for insolvency practice in the UK. It automates the importation, organisation, and analysis of bank statements, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the workflow of all users. By saving time and reducing the risk of errors, the software allows users to focus on serving clients effectively. It empowers users to investigate TUVs, Preferences etc. at very low cost and with 100% accuracy.

Compliance with DCRS, is vital for insolvency practitioners. The software is designed to align with DCRS regulations, ensuring that all operations meet the highest standards of compliance. By seamlessly incorporating DCRS requirements into its functionality, it enables the practitioner to navigate the complexities of insolvency practice with confidence.

A Comprehensive Output Report in Just 60 minutes

This incredible software mirrors the behaviour of an experienced human investigator, but with computing power that can achieve in 24 hours what no human could complete in weeks. Raw data is extracted, analysed, profiled, and further researched to provide a comprehensive output report for less than 60 minutes of chargeable time for most clients.

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